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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

40 new things to celebrate 40 years!

So it turns out that I have been on this earth for 40 years come July 8. Wow!

And to mark the occasion, I will do 40 new things that day. But I need everyone's help to come up with a list, because 40 is a lot! Post your suggestions as a comment to this blog. The only rule is that it has to be something I can do in a short period of time that day (so I can get 40 things in), it has to be FUN for me (don't make me eat slugs!), something I have not done before (or not in a looooong time, say 20 years?), which you may not know, but take a guess!

Ok, I'll get your started with the list:

  1. Go salsa dancing.
  2. Skip around the office.
  3. Wear a party hat while climbing.

Ok, your turn! :)

Here is an update on the list generated so far in no particular order (as of 11 am on June 30):
  1. Go salsa dancing.
  2. Skip around the office.
  3. Wear a party hat while climbing.
  4. Milk a cow or goat.
  5. Ride a paddle boat at Greenlake. 
  6. Have drinks on top of the Space Needle.
  7. Send a message in a bottle.
  8. Get a tattoo.
  9. Watch the sunset at Alki Beach with friends and beer.
  10. Plant a tree.
  11. Have a food fight
  12. Try a new ice cream flavor.
  13. Go skateboarding.
  14. Roast coffee.
  15. Pickle something.
  16. Wear high heels to work.
  17. Sell something on craigslist.
  18. Go to a horse race.
  19. Shoot a gun.
  20. Learn how to tie a Monkey's Fist.
  21. Go to Olympus Spa (
  22. Get a pedicure.
  23. Create a new drink and drink it.
  24. Sing Karaoke.
  25. Go surfing.
  26. Go clamming.
  27. Create a CD with my top 40 songs.
  28. Ride my bike for 40 miles.
  29. Eat a meal in total darkness.
  30. Play Whirly Ball.
I don't think I will be able to do this all in a day, so let's expand it to a long weekend! :)
And things you've suggested but are not showing up on this list, I have either already done or will not do!


  1. I just thought of another one that John mentioned - ride a pedal boat on Greenlake. I'd like that.

  2. eat a meal in total darkness (great picture, btw!!!)

  3. Zerah5:12 PM

    How about a water ballon or squirt gun fight?

  4. Play some tennis; ride a horse; go down a slip-n-slide.

    Now that I've written this I can't imagine you wouldn't have done them before, haha... still fun though!)

  5. I have played tennis and ridden a horse, but never gone down a slip-n-slide...I wonder where there is one around here?

  6. Never on a slip-n-slide??! That's crazy, hehe, and now a MUST for sure! All you really need is a strip of plastic/tarp and a hose (and/or soap). Oh, and a yard/space to lay it out I suppose, hehe. Come to think of it I've only ever seen ones people make themselves, though I'm sure you could buy one pretty cheap from say Walmart if you wanted.

  7. Awesome list! I will be curious to see if anything doesn't stay on the list. :) How about spending a day doing only things you completely and totally want to do and nothing from the "should" list? Or crashing a party. Or trying a new German wine? Happy, happy birthday!