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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Drinks and Make-Up at the Space Needle

Another "40 new things" item completed (item #15)!
I had drinks (AND dinner and dessert!) with Mutti on top of the Space Needle on Christmas Eve. We had a wonderful time together!

This special evening inspired another event that really would deserve a place on my "40 new things" list. I wore make-up (eye-shadow, mascara, and lipstick) for the first time in probably 20 years!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

List items #13 and #14: Music

I completed item #13 on my 40-new-things list a couple of weeks ago. This may have been the hardest one for me on the list - Karaoke singing! But thanks to my wonderful and supportive friends, I DID IT! :) It took a lot of liquor, but I did step behind that microphone and sang "I want you to want me" by Cheap Trick.

It was so much fun! And thanks to my awesome friends Ken, Matt, Gilbert, Jennifer, and Dylan who came out and rocked with me! That was the best part!

And now I completed item #14: Create a CD with my 40 favorite songs of 2010. Well, it's been a great music year for me. I got to see Foals at Neumos, Motopony at the High Dive, and The Black Angels at the Showbox! And I have been listening to KEXP a lot, findings loads of great new music! I wasn't able to limit it to 40 favorite songs. Here is my 2010 playlist:

Volume 1: Electronica and Dance Mix
  1. Eggplant by Gui Boratto
  2. Tuff Enuff by Shit Robot 
  3. Eisenfunk Quattro Gti by Eisenfunk
  4. Not In Love (Radio Version) [feat. Robert Smith] by Crystal Castles 
  5. Electric Feel by MGMT 
  6. Sun by Caribou
  7. No Turning Back by Gui Boratto
  8. Angel Echoes by Four Tet
  9. Pong by Eisenfunk
  10. Born Free by M.I.A.
  11. P.I.G.S. by Holy Fuck
  12. Snow by The Chemical Brothers
  13. Kids by MGMT
  14. Odessa by Caribou
  15. Swoon by The Chemical Brothers
Volume 2: The Rest
  1. That's Not My Name by The Ting Tings
  2. Get Up by Jonquil
  3. Basic Space by The XX
  4. Losing My Patience by Shit Robot
  5. The Ghost Inside by Broken Bells
  6. We No Speak Americano by Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup
  7. Get Some by Lykke Li
  8. When I'm With You by Best Coast
  9. Undertow by Warpaint
  10. Spanish Sahara by Foals
  11. Helicopter by Deerhunter
  12. Lover Of Mine by Beach House
  13. VCR by The XX
  14. Run the Heart by Sleigh Bells
  15. Red Socks Pugie by Foals
  16. Phosphene Dream by The Black Angels
  17. Seer by Motopony
  18. Sugar Man by Rodriguez
  19. Rope & Summit by Junip
  20. He Would Have Laughed by Deerhunter
  21. Blue Blood by Foals
  22. 10 Mile Stereo by Beach House
  23. Blue Ridge Mountains by Fleet Foxes
  24. Always by Junip
  25. Desire Lines by Deerhunter
  26. Telephone by The Black Angels
  27. I want you to want me by Cheap Trick
  28. Great DJ by The Ting Tings
  29. Infinity Guitars by Sleigh Bells
So I have a little over 6 months left before my 41st birthday. I better get cracking with my list! Anyone know where I can milk a goat or cow?